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Topics Covered on Conception (Day1 & Day2)

  1. Western Medical Science on Fertility Treatments (IVF, Urology etc)
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies to cultivate the womb and boost fertility
  3. Fengshui Methods to help with pregnancy
  4. Fertility Counselling
  5. Chinese Gender Selection Chart Methods
  6. Chiropractic Care for better fertiity
  7. Customized diet and food to get pregnant easily
  8. Fertility Boosting Yoga
  9. Self-fertility massage techniques for couples

Topics Covered on Blissful Love and Spicing Up Your Sex Life (Day1 & Day2)

  1. Handling Premature Ejaculation Masterclass
  2. Yoga Practice for Blissful Love
  3. Karmasutra Positions
  4. Sensual Biology 101 - Sensual and G-spots for Male and Female Gender
  5. Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars Masterclass
  6. Foods and Diets to strengthen love-making
  7. Chiropractic Positions for Love Making
  8. Healing power of Sexual Chakras
  9. Sexual Meditation & Counselling
  10. Sensual Dancing - Bachata & Salsa for Couples