5 Sex Positions that Will Help You Achieve a Deeper Penetration

5 Sex Positions That Will Help You Achieve Deeper Penetration

Missionary, while perhaps the most popular sex position, isn’t always the best when it comes to deep penetration.

Why would you want deep penetration you ask? Good question. Deep penetration helps with hitting the elusive “g-spot” in the female body, which is different for every girl. It’s in an area called the anterior fornix, which is near the cervix. We’re saying all these sexy words because while you want to hit the anterior fornix you want to steer clear of the cervix, which can be quite a sex-stopper if the penis slams into it during deep penetrative sex.

So how do you avoid that? Well the answer to that is awesome because basically it’s “try a bunch of stuff during sex and talk about it”, and who doesn’t love that? (answer: asexual people, shy people, my ex.)

We outlined five great positions to get you get started in this exploration of love and angles!

The Jockey

Lie on your stomach and put your legs together. Have your partner straddle you. He can then enter you, and shifting his weight around or kneeling/lying on top of you can change the angle. You can also put a pillow underneath your hips which is awesome for pushing that ass out.You can also switch the position of the legs, having his spread yours out, which doesn’t really do anything for penetration necessarily but it’s super hot.

The Turtle

This one is kind of a modified doggy style, which is also good for deep penetration.This one cuts right to the chase, as you’re kneeling and using your arms to fold your body as much as possible. For smaller men this could be particularly good to hit you in all the right ways, but be warned if your guy is like that eggplant emoji.

Sofa Surprise

Not quite cowgirl, because the guy is in a seated position rather than laying down. This position is amazing especially if you wrap your legs around his waist (like you might do in missionary). Then y’all just grind on each-other to your heart’s content. Also look each other in the eyes and say naughty stuff, this doesn’t help with the penetration… but it helps regardless 🙂

The Anvil

This is a modified Anvil due to the guy holding the girl’s legs (very advanced, these illustrations must do yoga or something), but the principle is the same. With you on your back the guy gets on his knees, holding your knees and legs up, which causes your butt to rise. You can adjust the angle as he thrusts. Again this one is is advanced only because you can mess up and hit the cervix, which as we discussed is just not fun.

Reverse Cowgirl

Another good one, much like regular Cowgirl or Sofa Surprise this one is great for the girl to control and adjust the angle. Plus the guy gets a bit of a booty show which nobody in history ever minded (…maybe the Puritans).
Credits: By Tom Murck

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