5 Oral Sex Tips That Will Make Your Man Scream With Pleasure

You don’t have to do the same thing every time you want to give your man a blow job. When having oral sex, you want him to enjoy himself. While that routine you do every time does get him off, try these moves the next time you have oral sex…I promise he will LOVE it and beg for more.

Get rid of that gag reflex.

Thumb in fist

It sounds crazy, I know, but trust me, this WORKS. As you insert his dick in your mouth, tuck your left thumb into the palm of your hand and make a fist. This “turns off ” the gag reflex and makes it easier to fit all of him in your mouth.

Spit and salivate.

Patrick Star Spit

This seems pretty basic, but you would be surprised how much pleasure he gets from the wetness of your mouth. Before starting the blow job, spit on his dick and rub the spit with your thumb up and down his shaft. Then, lick from the base to the tip before inserting him into your mouth. He will be at your beck and call from there on in.


When Harry Met Sally

You don’t need to talk. You don’t need to scream. Just moan. This lets him know that you are enjoying it and makes him even more turned on.

Look up at him.

Nicki Minaj Banana

Chances are that he is looking down at you while you are giving him the best blow job of his life. Casually glance up a few times throughout, making eye contact with him. This will only make him harder, and he will say, “Please don’t stop.” Nicki showcases this perfectly above.

Use your hands!


Your hands do not have to awkwardly lay at your sides. Use them to caress different parts of his body (i.e. chest, thighs, butt, etc.). Another option is to use one of your free hands to grab the shaft and jerk him off simultaneously as you suck and lick the top half of his penis

Credits: Landon Funk

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