The Most Surprising Things Men Love About Each Sex Position

As women, we aim to please. And what better way to please our man than in the bedroom? You might be aware of your man’s favorite sex position, but do you ever wonder what exactly it is about girl on top (or doggy style) that makes it his favorite? Well, here’s some interesting information behind each sex position to put those questions to rest:


Why he likes it: Albeit a tad boring, but sometimes nothing beats good ol’ fashion missionary. He likes it because it puts him in control while still allowing for intimacy (and easy access to your breasts, of course).

Girl On Top

Why he likes it: It requires little to no effort on his part. It puts you in control (and he likes to see your enjoyment/preference). Once again, he has great access to your boobs…and butt, giving his hands free roam ;).

Manual Stimulation

Why he likes it: Great way to enjoy a little foreplay (and who doesn’t love foreplay!?). Plus, it keeps you happy and gets you halfway there, so he doesn’t have to last too long.


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Doggy Style

Why he likes it: The rear-entry access is another position where he’s in control, allowing him to go at his own speed. Doggy style allows for the deepest penetration, so it still feels great for both parties involved (even if he’s on the smaller side).


Why he likes it: It gives him the best view, and you can’t deny him that. Plus, he likes when you do some of the work from time to time.

Reverse Cowgirl

Why he likes it: It’s basically all the same benefits of doggy style, but with less of the work on his part (apparently, men like when you take control…if you haven’t noticed). Not to mention, he once again gets a great view of dat ass.


Why he likes it: What’s not to like? It speeds up oral foreplay action while letting you both, simultaneously, get warmed up and ready.

Going Down On You

Why he likes it: For those who have trouble lasting long, it’s a great pitstop in-between foreplay and sex that allows him to please you without getting himself too worked up before the main event.

The Kneel And Sit

Why he likes it: It gives him easy access to all your lady bits (aka he can grab your butt and suck on your nipples). Plus, you’re on top doing most of the work, so he can focus more attention on pleasing you elsewhere.

Upstanding Citizen

Why he likes it: Besides the fact that it’s incredibly hot, it helps him show off his strength and masculinity seeing as he can hold you up while also doing all the work.

Credits: Taylor Casey

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