5 Things To Do To Get Ready For Multiple Orgasms

5 Things To Do To Get Ready For Multiple Orgasms

Whether we share it with our girlfriends or not, all of us have sex goals—things that we want to happen (if we’re lucky, tons of times) before we leave this planet. Take a moment. Run down your own list and you probably have “multiple orgasm” on your list!

If you’re saying you want one because it appears to be as rare as seeing a unicorn on your front lawn, here’s the brief rundown of what a multiple orgasm is. When you’re stimulated to the point of climaxing, there are rapid (pleasant-feeling) contractions in your uterus and vagina that produce the hormone oxytocin and make you feel euphoric all over. A multiple orgasm is what happens when you almost return to the plateau phase and feel the contractions come back all over again. That’s the surface-scientific explanation. It’s the kind of thing you kind of have to experience for yourself.

But unlike the unicorn that’s probably never going to happen, there are things that you can do, even before going into your bedroom that can up your chances of having a multiple orgasm. Curious?

Flirt Throughout The Day

Ask any sex expert about the key to having intense and/or multiple orgasms and one of the things they are going to say is that you have to be willing to extend the foreplay. That shouldn’t start in the bedroom, 10 minutes before you’re ready to get it on. It should be by “warming each other up” mentally throughout the day.

Send a couple of dirty texts. Call and say something that will make your partner blush in the middle of the day. Have a sexy “inside joke” delivered to their job or waiting on them in the car.

Flirting builds up expectation. If you do it right, both of you will end up having at least one orgasm the moment both of you hit the front door!

Do Some Kegels

Since a multiple orgasm is all about muscle contraction in the vagina, uterus (and for a man, also penis), it can never hurt to do some kegels. That is the kind of exercise that teaches you how to master contracting your uterus and vagina. If you do it consistently, it can also teach you how to “grip him” once he’s inside of you in a way that will blow his mind!

Do Some Deep Breathing

If you are a yoga student, you’re already well on your way to achieving multiple orgasms. If you’re not, you might want to consider doing some meditating to learn how to deep breathe. We say that because a huge key to achieving a multiple orgasm is how you breathe.

It’s totally natural for an orgasm to literally take your breath away. The challenge is that when you shallow breathe, that can make it hard for your body to reach another climax.

Right after your first orgasm, try doing some deep inhaling and exhaling. If that’s happening while you’re still being stimulated, that will make it so much easier to have (at least) one more orgasm within a few moments.

Put On Some Jasmine And Vanilla Oil

Something else that’s important is to get all of your senses involved. Two potent essentials oils that you should put on your body (and bedding) is jasmine and vanilla.

Jasmine helps to relieve stress and create feelings of euphoria. Vanilla is a sweet and seductive scent that increases energy levels and improves blood circulation. If you’re smelling these all throughout the day, they will help to put you in the mood without even noticing it.

Have Some Chocolate And Red Wine

Guess what? There are foods that will help to make your orgasms stronger; good to know for when you want to have a multiple orgasm.

Two favorites are dark chocolate and red wine. Dark chocolate also increases blood circulation as it mentally mimics the feelings that orgasms give. And, if you have one to two glasses of red wine each day, that can increase natural lubrication and make you feel much more relaxed. The perfect setting for a night filled with multiple orgasms, wouldn’t you say?

Credits: Shellie Renee

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